No Bad Days

HAPPY FRIDAY AND HUGE CONGRATS to Katie Rose Ferrara on the release of her latest single, NO BAD DAYS! It is premiering on BuzzMusic and being played on Pop Garden Radio in Florida, as well as being released today on all digital platforms! 

I had a super fun time writing and recording this one with Katie Ferrara and Ted Wulfers at 663 Sound. It's a serious message wrapped up in a fun light song. Sometimes life gets so crazy and messy and dark, and I find myself in glass-half-empty mode, laying down on the cold floor feeling sorry for myself. This song is to remind me of this truth: As long as I'm breathing and I'm on this side of the ground, there really are no bad days. No Bad Days. 

LISTEN HERE on your favorite platform (itunes, amazon, spotify, etc.) 

BuzzMusic Premier:…/need-a-pick-me-up-throw-on-no-… 

And listen for it in June on The Hallmark Channel!

? Sarah Hollins 
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